Join the Team

UDK Doom goes open get involved!

Want to see your favourite all time classic Doom in Next-Gen engine join and help make it true!

This is an open project, it doesnt have any profit purposes feel free to take all the resources you need and lets make a good fan made remastered version of this game!

Download early version 0.03:

UE4 T3D Converter

This is our custom made tool used to convert our UDK BSP Brushes to UE4 BSP Brushes feel free to download and do your own convertions !

-Supports Brush convertions from UE1,UE2,UE3,UDK T3D Files TO UE4 T3D Files
-Supports Scaling

Download UE4 T3D Converter

UDK Maps

Download Doom 1 Untextured Maps for UDK:
- E1M1

- E1M2

Many more are coming soon, if you want to join the project contact us via facebook or email :

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